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23 August 2011 @ 11:25 pm
ohhm y god don't read this if you don't know what this is about

lj i know i haven't posted in foreever and i should be in bed because i'm really sleepy and since i'm sleepy there will be a lot of typos but this is really important otherwise i will ahve horrible doujins sent to me

i'll actually be hoenest okay

i actually do love break

there's actuallly a reason thatt i walways say i don't like him tbh...... it was before i started reading ph my friend said that break would be my favorite characater and i was like n o p e. i mean he looked really creepy and he wasn't really my type.

but then i read it and oops break was my favorite and i felt like i lost a bet or something and i don't like losing?? that's why i never admit it because it keeps reminded me that i was wrong....

plus this sounds reallyl stupid but i feel like i'm in love with someone or idk it's just that feeeglings
if i actually admit that break is my favorite whcich i amd pretty much doing right now it feels like
i'm at school or something and i am proposinging to someone i like over the intercom and everyone can hear or like
i barge into some news reporter recoding for TV and i'm like hi will you marry me!!! when the recording will be on worldwide

i always get teary when i think that he will probably die
and my guy friend always says it
he sucks.....

i was supposed to use rainwbow text for this but the rainbowtext font html thing isnt' showing up on lj but i hope this is neough...

19 May 2011 @ 12:00 am
fuck this post